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Joanna Dong joins artistes from all over Asia
in a multilingual version of “My Way” for UnionPay

Award-Winning Music

From complex and exciting rhythms, to the most simple and beautiful melodies, we create the soulful music that speaks to all.

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A Dedicated Team of Musicians

We are a small but passionate team of musicians and it’s more than just music we create. We love good coffee, food, and games.

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State-of-the-Art Studio

This is where all the magic happens. We like it cool, dark and cosy but sometimes it’s bright and warm if we need that sorta ambience. Come have a look! 

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Joanna Dong at Apple Orchard, launching her Mandarin Christmas song《雪下得正好》

We can help you find your sound,
even if you don’t know what it sounds like yet.