This is what AC means

Last week, students from Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) came to our studio to record their original music. They wrote an extremely heartfelt and touching song to commemorate the 130th Anniversary of ACS Founder's Day Celebration. Their songwriting and musical arrangement talents came through in the recording session as we witness the students working together in order to create a beautiful piece of art.

We are happy to be recording and producing the song for these very talented students. It is a privilege to work with younger blood - sharing with them our experiences. Singapore's music industry is definitely in good hands.

We can't wait to hear more of your music.

Check out this video of the song, This is what AC means, performed live during the ACS Founder's Day Celebration: Here


Music by Ryan Ling, Jonah Ryan Kwek and Yoshio Masuda

Lyrics by Joel Ong, Yoshio Masuda, Kristi Lim, Thomas Lim and Ryan Ling

Performed by Joel Ong, Beth Chow, Journe Fu, Kristi Lim and Ryan Ling


Recording Studio: Red Roof Studios

Mixed and Mastered by Jerry Chua, Myx Music Studios