Red Roof Bio

Red Roof Records is an independent record label in Singapore founded in 2012 by Ruth Ling, an acclaimed producer, arranger, composer, music director and National Arts Council Young Artist Award winner. A music business run by music people for the love of music, the label was set up with one primary goal in mind: to produce original world-class quality entertainment products to aid in the further development of the local music scene.  

A true reflection of its founder’s personality, Red Roof is a Jack of all trades and master of all. After all, if music is multi-faceted, a record label should be, too. And Red Roof Records certainly wants to be. The boutique brand has a hand in every musical pie be it arranging, composing or directing. Red Roof Records even has an artiste management arm, borne of its founder’s dream of being her own Motown Records. In the growing stable of talents are Sing! China runner-up Joanna Dong and bilingual singer-songwriter Becka. 

A creative melting pot for artistes and producers alike, Red Roof Records started out as a leap of faith and has since evolved to become a gleaming ray of hope for the local music scene. It may not be the most famous or biggest record label in Singapore, but it has earned a reputation for its credibility and commitment. Audience-focused and forward-thinking, Red Roof Records’ biggest selling point is its affinity for both the English and Chinese language. Not something that many labels can boast. Taking the best of both worlds, Red Roof Records has developed its own unique recipe for a bewitching brew that melds the aural flavours of East, West, old and new. 

In 2015, Red Roof Records embarked on a near impossible mission to bring together over 30 Singapore artists to collaborate on the ‘Sing, Love’ compilation album in conjunction with SG50. The ambitious album is a true testament to Red Roof Record’s tenacity and vision. Featuring a host of local musicians, including Stefanie Sun and Corrinne May, the album consisted of five tracks sung in four languages — English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil — and saw different music genres combined in ways most people never even dream of.  

Fairly indie yet very collaborative, the fun-loving, hardworking peeps here are all for building bridges whether it means working with the various government agencies, corporate brands or a plethora of different musicians, styles and genres. Red Roof Records also believes in giving back to the community. With strong ties to government bodies like the Ministry of Education and the National Arts Council, Red Roof Records is leading the way and inspiring the next wave of local musicians by mentoring them in outreach programmes and school enrichment workshops. 

Whether it’s inspiring a new generation of musicians, challenging music’s boundaries or igniting new ideas, at Red Roof Records, it’s always about the music.