Red Roof Bio

Red Roof Records is an independent record label in Singapore founded in 2012 by Ruth Ling, an acclaimed producer, arranger, composer, music director and National Arts Council Young Artist Award winner. A music business run by music people for the love of music, the label was set up with one primary goal in mind: to produce original world-class quality entertainment products to aid in the further development of the local music scene.  

A true reflection of its founder’s personality, Red Roof is a Jack of all trades and master of all. After all, if music is multi-faceted, a record label should be, too. And Red Roof Records certainly wants to be. The boutique brand has a hand in every musical pie be it arranging, composing or directing. Red Roof Records even has an artiste management arm, borne of its founder’s dream of being her own Motown Records. In the growing stable of talents are Sing! China runner-up Joanna Dong and bilingual singer-songwriter Becka. 

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