“Whether people think of me as a singer, actress, or tv host, my wish is to be associated with work that has integrity and quality.”


Joanna Dong


Our first signed artiste is embarking on a new aural adventure into the world of Mandarin folk-jazz, a genre that boasts famous luminaries such as Norah Jones and Stacey Kent from the other side of the globe. We chose Joanna because we wanted to focus on Mandarin jazz and there aren’t many artistes we know who want to do that.

The effectively bilingual singer’s early forays into the glitzy world of entertainment came in the early to late ’80s when her mum found her a stage to showcase her talent at various karaoke competitions, many of which she won. The NUS Sociology major then came into the public consciousness when she joined the first-ever Singapore Idol competition in 2004 and got into the Top 40. Since then, she has steadily amassed a respectable list of achievements and accolades in film, musical theatre, music and TV.