“People have photographs.
I have songs to mark significant milestones on my journey.” 




New to the Singapore music scene is 24-year-old singer-songwriter Rebecca Tan Yi Xuan, known also as Becka.

Becka’s musical journey started at an early age. She was trained as a classical pianist from the age of 6, and along the way, discovered a passion for writing her own music. “Who better to express my songs than myself?”

Her music draws inspiration from personal life experiences—the heartbreak and joys—and is representative of her as a person: upbeat, catchy and constantly evolving, for the better. Even her unique blend—pop, jazz and soul—reflects this.

At 18, instead of the traditional “Singaporean” route after Junior College, Becka decided to follow her passion and venture into a career in music. She graduated from the School of Contemporary Music at LASALLE College of the Arts in 2015, and has not looked back since.

Recently talent-spotted by Red Roof Records, the budding singer-songwriter is in the midst of completing her debut self-titled EP, Becka, which will launch in July 2016 under the label. The tunes found on this record—Be Alright, Say Goodbye, Fallin’ and 20 Seconds—are cognisant of Becka’s personal style, and subtly influenced by music giants like India Arie, Adele and Billy Preston.

The bilingual singer has also graced the stages of public spaces such as the Esplanade Waterfront Theatre and events such as the F1 REV-UP Concert in 2011. Performing popular crowd favourites and acoustic tunes, Becka’s soulful voice never fails to capture the hearts of her listeners.

The future looks bright for this home-grown talent, who holds big dreams in her petite frame—to inspire with her music, and become an artist Singaporeans can truly be proud of.

She certainly has the right attitude to get there: As she strives to be better—in life, work, relationships and music—she hopes to always be a work-in-progress, consistently evolve, and yet remain relatable to her audience.

Album out now!

Performance Dates

LASALLE, Lowercase Cafe
19 Aug, 2 Sep, 16 Sep
Fridays, 2pm